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Everyone says they have the best coffee program for your school. But how do you know which one can really help you raise the most money?

In this article Fundraising Zone tells us about how your school, church or youth group can raise money now. And you don't have to spend any money upfront to get started! 

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We had several coffee fundraising companies to choose from. In the end, we went with the Wicked Awesome coffee fundraiser.

But why Wicked Awesome?

Coffee Fundraiser

Here are a few reasons we think Wicked Awesome is the best coffee fundraiser program out there:

Raise Money Selling Coffee in San Diego

It's simple.

In conclusion, let's do this...

Give us a quick call. We promise not to sell you anything. Let's just find out if this could work for your school, church or sports team. No pressure, whatsoever. How does that sound?

Finally, our best coffee fundraiser is certainly worth giving it a try. So, why not call now? Allow us to show you how this amazing fundraising product can help you reach your goals.

Find out why Wicked Awesome is the school fundraisers best coffee choice. We also promise to share some of our easy fundraising ideas with you!